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The bridge application to connect "KINECT" to Scratch on Mac OSX


This is Mac version of an application called Kinect2Scratch, which is developed by Stephen Howell. It sends data from Microsoft Kinect controller to Scratch, which is the programming environment developed by MIT Media Laboratory.

You can use Kinect from Scratch on Mac!!!!


Getting Started


How to use

First of all, download kinect2Scratch4Mac from here. Next, download this project and open it. This project is used for testing of kinect2Scratch4Mac. After that, turn on "remote sensor connections" from Sensing>Slider sensor value(Right Click) in Scratch. Then, connect Kinect to your Mac, and run this app. Now, you can get data from kinect as sensor values!

If kinect2Scratch4Mac does not run:When kinect2Scratch4Mac does't run


When kinect2Scratch4Mac does't run

You have to build kinect2Scratch4Mac yourself.


How to build

  1. Download a package of Kinect2Scratch4Mac(self build version)
  2. Unpack it, and run "install.command"
  3. [!] Don't move an app from bin folder. Please use alias as Application. If relation of place of Application is changed, the app won't run.

Using Windows?

There is Windows version of Kinect2Scratch by Stephen Howell.

Kinect 2 Scratch | Free software for hooking Scratch up to Kinect


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